All I wanted was to write… So write I did!

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To Attain Nirvana I Write

Introducing myself is never easy… Especially when it isn’t face-to-face! I fret… a lot… with the thought that I’ll probably come across as someone else and not me! Still, here goes… I am a 28 year old financial services professional working in a fin-tech firm in the field of SME loans. A commerce graduate, I have worked my way up across different sectors like journalism and the BPO industry. Changing sectors because I never could attain the satisfaction of loving my job had become my thing. I even worked as an Art Director in the film and advertising industry where my involvement with the sets made sure that I was always in an imaginary world, constantly imagining and making it come true. Finally, I realized I had had it enough and it was time for me pick up the pen (lappy in this case!) and start writing. My experience from across industries has led me to meet diverse people and somehow that has helped me shape my characters in my stories. I love writing… and if there is anything else that I enjoy as much, its reading. I fell in love with books at an early age and for me the only thing I await now is seeing my name on a book cover. That would be attainment of nirvana for me!

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