10 ways to know if he loves you

10 ways to know if HE loves YOU!

A decade or so ago, when a guy would ask a girl out, it meant marriage – directly. If back then Facebook had existed with the ‘it’s complicated’ status option, probably no one would have ended up using it! There wasn’t a system that included getting to know each other, spending time with each other, understanding their whims, fancies and flaws, and then deciding whether the person was worth spending your life with. Nah! You were either in a relationship for life, or you weren’t.

However today, whether for better or for worse, we check him out and he checks us out. Compatibility – whether emotional, financial or sexual is given utmost importance. Meeting him, going out for drinks or dinners, meeting his friends..!

And after all this, if you begin to think he is the one for you, then? Then comes the time of confusion of the highest order! Does he also like me equally? Have I made it to i-think-she-is-the-one spot yet? Or am I just a girl he is dating casually?

This state of confusion is in itself a big hassle. What to do next being the biggest question – unanswered at its best! If you act and he is still in the casual dating phase, you would end up becoming the-clingy-girl-he-dated-once. And if you do not act on it and he thinks you are the one who is still in the casual dating phase, well that’s death of a relationship even before it could have been born. At such times, the best thing to do is notice him and look out for his behaviour and reactions, and his attitude.

Here are 10 ways to know if he loves you!

1. He makes you smile

Its true that when we like a guy, everything he says suddenly sounds ten times funnier. His jokes are suddenly extremely funny, his sense of humour is fawesome and you can’t help but smile every time you see him.

Similarly, it is true that if he likes you, making you smile is extremely important to him. If you are not smiling, even if it is because of somebody else, he will feel like a failure. Without realizing, he will try to make you smile. Whether it be by becoming the shoulder to cry on, or by becoming the clown of the day, but he will not take no for an answer… and he will endure everything until he has made you smile.

2. His hugs in themselves yell ‘I care about you’

A hug is one of the best forms of relaxing our minds. And as rightly said, a hug speaks volumes. A quick hug is simple and friendly, and you know what he wants to tell you with it. However a longer-than-necessary hug? Well, that can go two ways – he is either just trying to arouse you, or he loves the feeling of having his arms wrapped around your body.

Though many men do not know this, the reason why they love hugging the girl they are fond of is because it gives them a sense of ownership, pride and safety.

If he hugs you and doesn’t let you go that easily, and if it isn’t meant to sexually arouse you, well, there certainly is something cooking!

3. He doesn’t just say that he misses you, he actually does

Texting ‘I miss you’ to each other is a common. At times, you say it because you mean it. At others, you say it because he said it, and you have to reply. Hello! How can you not..?

He probably faces the same. Which is okay. But… if he actually acts upon it, well, he is one for keeps. If he tries to meet you up because he was missing you, or if he calls you in the middle of the day just because he felt the need to, it’s a sign that it is not only you who is counting the time for until you meet him.

4. He asks for your advice

Men don’t ask for advice from women unless you are either learned in the topic or you matter to them.

If he asks you for your advice, it is only because he wants to know how you feel about it. Do you think he should cut his hair? Or colour it? How is his new haircut? Do you think he was treating someone wrong? Subconsciously, he is just trying to know how you feel about him… he is just trying to involve you in his life a little more.

Someone who doesn’t care about you wouldn’t care about it all, would he now?

5. He goes an extra mile to show you that you are special

Whether it be your birthday, or just another day when he intends to make you feel special… if he goes an extra mile for you, you mean something to him!

And by an extra mile I do not mean buying flowers or a gift. It isn’t the amount of money that he spends that counts. It is the effort that he puts in. If he thinks you are worth spending his precious time on, you have managed to leave a mark on his mind, and probably on his heart too!

6. His eyes speak

Do you feel any different when you look into his eyes? Is there a whirlpool of emotions that he manages to hide behind his I-am-so-cool veneer? At times, does he confuse you because what he says and what his eyes say are two different things?

Eyes talk – it’s true. And reading his eyes is an easy task. If you are just a friend or a casual date, he will look at you with eyes no different than the others. But if he is falling for you, there will be care and love clouded with confusion and hope.

Next time when you see him, instead of going all mushy over how much you have fallen in love with him, read his eyes. You might find smoke there. And as our age-old saying goes, where there is a smoke, there is a fire!

7. He kisses your forehead

A kiss on the forehead in itself says ‘care’. It means that he feels connected with you on an emotional level. It means that your relationship is not just physical. If you don’t mean much to him, he will never kiss you on your forehead.

Especially, if he kisses you on the forehead and then looks straight into your eyes, staring at you and saying nothing – its time to celebrate!

8. Hurdles don’t mean a thing to him

In today’s fast paced world, you might not get a chance to meet him every single day. Nearly everyone is a part of the big rat race. And after the long work hours, many of us just want to retire in our home and let the insane hubbub die so that we can ready ourselves for another insane day.

If after all of this, he makes an effort to meet you, give him those brownie points. Whether it be distance, time, rains or a puncture, if nothing can stop him, that’s because he is aching to see you and end his shitty day on a better note.

Girl, you have crossed your biggest hurdle too!

9. He warms your heart up

Whatever he does cannot mean too much to you unless you feel crazily for him. Feeling sexually aroused because of a guy is one thing, but that might not last long. However, if he has reached your heart and he has the ability and the capability to make you go fuzzy in your heart too, he deserves an applause.

And though you might think it’s all about you – it isn’t. If you hadn’t meant a thing to him, you wouldn’t have felt the warmth. So if there is warmth, it is because he is emanating it.

10. He makes you feel safe

And last but not the least, he is a man who is biologically evolved to feel protective about the people that he loves. You might find it unnecessary, or you might find it macho – but it won’t change. If he tries to ensure that you are never hurt, whether physically or emotionally, you have made it to the small list of people that he is protective of!

If you matter to him, he will make you know that he is there. He will let you know that he will be there when you need him, if you need him. He will be with you when you need him by your side, in front of you when he needs to block you from hurt, and behind you when you need support. If you matter to him, you will feel safe, always.

So, what I am trying to say is… if he loves you, you will know. He need not say that he does. And even if he says that he doesn’t, (maybe because he is in a denial mode or because he doesn’t want to get entangled in the mesh of a relationship!) you will know. If you both are connected on a paranormal level, you cannot not know.

And if you have realized that he doesn’t, it is time that you stop waiting and wasting your time, and move on.