And they made me believe in true love, once again

And they made me believe in TRUE LOVE, once again

I was sitting in office, bored at the monotony of work, staring at the tortuous wall clock and silently willing the hour-hand to move a little faster, when I received the invite! A beautiful red & white invite to the Church wedding of Kouching Chen and Alisha Pires!

My first reaction at the news was – Why! They were so different!

Kouching is riotous, an unrestrainably wild ruffian with a golden heart. Though he’s not someone who will ever wish bad for another living soul, he was someone who wasn’t exactly marriage material. (Sorry Kouching! But you just look too amateurish and juvenile and may be it was because I didn’t want to lose the friend in you..!) And on the other hand, Alisha is delicate, full-hearted and unfeigned. Though not exactly the type of a girly girl, she is a romantic at heart, a strong-willed woman with the upscale chic element and with what seems like the epitome of a no-nonsense attitude.

Propitiously, I began seeing a gradual change in Kouching… There was something different about him. He wasn’t the rampageous boy anymore. The gentleman was emerging.

Is this what love does to people?

I was now one of the most excited souls for the wedding! A wedding of two school friends who had found each other after getting lost in the chaos of growing up… And had truly found themselves… A wedding where Kouching & Alisha would come together to say their vows along with their families and friends and accept each other for life along with their faults and flaws, for good times and for bad… a wedding where the Chinese groom waited excitedly as his bride was scheduled to fly down from London… A destination wedding to be held in Goa!

I found myself counting the days down… waiting to attend my first Church wedding. And finally, after forever, I was sitting in the car being driven to the Church.

For me, the most memorable part of the day was the moment I laid eyes on Alisha. I was so excited to see her in the dress that I rushed past everyone the moment I got off the car. Stumbling across in my four-inch heels, she made it worth it all. She looked gorgeous in the white gown and the romantic curls… that I just couldn’t stop and I teared up.

Romanticism is underrated. Extremely. For all of us sitting on the benches looking at the dewy-eyed couple… the sweet smiles they shared every time when they would look at each other with those intense eyes, nodding in approval at the Father’s words, making all those promises to each other and to themselves… they defined ‘romance’!

Between the tears of joy and uncontrollable bursts of laughter, between the hilarious teasing and utterances of friends and the indefinite rolling of eyes, the moment had finally arrived. As Kouching and Alisha answered the Father with “Yes I will” (which I learnt is the Indian way of ‘I do’!), I was drowning in euphoria.

I wondered, if this is my state, how do the bride and the groom feel?

My questions were answered by them both as soon as they began dancing to the live band’s tunes. They looked blessed and blissed out, wrapped in an all-consuming love, dancing non-stop under the lights, with smiles that never wavered and with eyes that only sought each other.

They made me believe in true love, once again.

To Kouching & Alisha,

Wish you an unwavering forever with unforgettable moments and endless tenderness! Stay unchangeably in love with each other… stay married!