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6 ways to know if you should tell her your feelings

This is a story of a Raj and a Simran – two friends. In the beginning, the sight of Simran brought an uninhibited smile on Raj’s face. With time, his fondness for Simran grew. He would look forward to their meetings, explaining to himself that she was just a dear friend, an extremely special dear […]


Why I will never feel good for helping someone again

Out of the blue, I received a call from a friend. She wanted me to tell her story out to people, in an attempt to invoke those feelings that the old lady did in her today.   Her story in my words: I don’t know what exactly I felt when I looked at that frail […]


7 ways to know when it's over

‘It’s over’ is not a bearable thought. And obviously, letting go of the most beautiful relationship of your life easily makes no sense. And that is why I wrote about the 9 ways to Save a Failing Relationship. But even a romantic like me knows that saving all dying relationships might not be possible. What then? How […]


9 ways to Save a Failing Relationship

Relationships are neither easy nor difficult. But people are. People can be difficult; can make your life harder; can create complications. And isn’t that why in today’s fast-paced life we treat people as exchangeable? If your partner is making your life difficult in the slightest way, it is easy to dump and move on to […]


Sex working - is it really so different?

“I give sex for money,” she said and I was left dumbstruck. I was sitting across a sex worker.. a prostitute.. and with that realisation came an uncanny feeling. As I looked into her eyes and wondered how I was supposed to react, she gave me a welcoming smile. ‘Do you feel embarrassed about your […]


Man up, Women!

Since I picked up my mobile for the first time today morning, I have been wished ‘Happy Women’s Day’ several hundred times by now. I have been bombarded majorly on WhatsApp and Facebook with images and touching messages. Today, I have nearly been wished by everyone – friends, colleagues, vendors, acquaintances, even my today’s auto […]


Hope, and other things

The empty road, an empty heart An empty life to a great start A glistening light, a distant sound A bark, a rustle, but no one found A lonely walk under the stars and the moon With no thoughts of love, hope or boon The thudding heart, a tidal time Learning the value of a […]


9 ways of abusive relationships - are you stuck in one?

A bruise, a puffed black eye, messed up hair and a broken soul – isn’t that the picture that conjures up in your head when someone says ‘abusive relationship’? Films like Provoked, Daman and Lajja have taught us that. But is that all? Is physical abuse the only abuse that matters? What about a relationship […]


'Ladki mil gayi, dost ko bhul gaya' - heard before?

“Ladki mil gayi, dost ko bhul gaya” – heard before? We have all had that one friend who either went gayab after he or she started dating, or was never seen alone again – ever! May be we have even been there! I certainly have! But, what alternative did we have? Right? Finding your Mr. […]


Mere jazbaat, Jeeturaaj ke saath!

That early morning hustling in the house… that sleepy me fighting with my brain to not wake up… and to wake up… Mom’s persistent voice hurrying me… and yet, me taking breaks in the middle of all the maniacal rushing to listen to the voice booming out of the radio perched on the kitchen platform. […]