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He is leaving. And I don’t want him to stay too. But.

Yesterday I received an extremely ecstatic call from Moses. For all you people who do not know what this creature called Moses means to me – he is the yin to my yang, the sanity to my insanity and the incoherence to my stability. He is my buoy, my parachute, my constant. He is whom […]



The Beginning of the End

‘Tell me, Harsh! Where the HELL is Anjana?’ yelled Rudra. It was unlike him to lose his temper like this, but there was nothing normal about this time or situation. Hell, it was as abnormal, unexpected and badly timed as it could get! Harsh continued to sob uncontrollably and muttered something incoherent. ‘Harsh, get a grip!’ bellowed Kaavya. Hearing his […]


I still love you, Ex - but it doesn't hurt anymore!

Dear Ex, It’s so weird to write to you after all these years! But I needed to. I need to write to you, to tell you how it is, to really see it all for myself in black & white. Because today is the last time I am going to write to you. You are […]


before you get a dog tips

Before you get a DOG - 6 tips to get it right!

Many of us must have pestered our parents for a pet – a pet dog or a pet cat. There were those lucky ones whose parents fell for the act and got them a pet. I am from the other unfortunate group who couldn’t get her parents to get me a dog. “Dog? I already […]



10 things that you didn't know about people with tattoos

‘She will be easy – she has a lower back tattoo!’ said he and I didn’t know if I should show him that I have one too and that it doesn’t define me as “easy” or “salacious” or if I should just walk away. I was disappointed in my friend for his classic slut-shaming but […]


sad girl hopeful for love

Scribbling in the wake of a fight

i wake up every night to a feeling of stark fear i try to catch my breath and hold on to my tear i’m unable to calm my nerves i cannot tell it to my brain a lie that it is alright cannot stop myself or refrain i cried myself out last night i cried myself […]


10 ways to know if he loves you

10 ways to know if HE loves YOU!

A decade or so ago, when a guy would ask a girl out, it meant marriage – directly. If back then Facebook had existed with the ‘it’s complicated’ status option, probably no one would have ended up using it! There wasn’t a system that included getting to know each other, spending time with each other, […]


Scared to lose you, petrified to not!

SCARED to lose you, PETRIFIED to not!

I am not so young and carefree anymore… in my late twenties… For the younger version of me, love was a constant phenomenon. Only there was nothing constant about it. Like every teenager, I fell in love. A couple of times! And I had my heart scraped. Again, a couple of times. Back then, it […]


And they made me believe in true love, once again

And they made me believe in TRUE LOVE, once again

I was sitting in office, bored at the monotony of work, staring at the tortuous wall clock and silently willing the hour-hand to move a little faster, when I received the invite! A beautiful red & white invite to the Church wedding of Kouching Chen and Alisha Pires! My first reaction at the news was […]


Tenant, Feminist, Coward, Courageous - who was I?

  I was 23 and I had just taken the possession of my first rented apartment. Though small, it was the apple of my eye… my pride… my first home in Mumbai. For all those people who have never shared their home with a stranger, my apologies! For you won’t ever understand the magnanimity of […]