Hope, and other things

The empty road, an empty heart
An empty life to a great start
A glistening light, a distant sound
A bark, a rustle, but no one found

A lonely walk under the stars and the moon
With no thoughts of love, hope or boon
The thudding heart, a tidal time
Learning the value of a single dime

The emptiness, the walk, the learning, and me
Nothing can make me, none to be
None today, tomorrow, or day after
Until I hear you smile, feel your laughter

It is amazing, it is beautiful, it is meant to be
That I find you, like the lost lock to my key
I had the key, and I thought I had it all
Until I met you and I had the great fall

The fall that taught me how incomplete was complete
Making my heart jump to it’s own rhythmic beat
I now see what it is, I now see you
Freshly made, almost like a song about the morning dew

I now feel the happiness hiding behind the pain
I now feel totally mad when I’m all sane
It is me, but it isn’t me no more
I am living the tale, the legend, a lore

The emptiness and the darkness surround me even today
But within, there is a light, the shit at bay
A flickering light, but a source nonetheless
A hope to put an end to life’s long drawn mess

A lonely walk under the stars and the moon
With thoughts of love, and hope, and a boon.

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